KCL became involved in the Enfield Apartments development project in December of 2015. We were tasked with redesigning the above ground structure in order to find a solution to the concrete column and frame structure which had not allow for services reticulation.

  Footage of the Enfield site taken in March 2017

KCL's scope of work at on the Enfield Development:
  1. Reviewing design documentation to understand seismic loads applied to the building and pile, foundation and ground floor structural capacities
  2. Modelling the proposed structure using the previous model as a base
  3. Analysing the proposed structure in ETABS
  4. Carrying out detailed calculations and documenting the building using a combination of Revit and AutoCAD
  5. Providing documentation for Building Consent and Peer Review
  6. Providing Producer Statement PS1
  7. Providing office based construction assistance
  8. Carrying out site inspections
  9. Providing Producer Statement PS4

KCL  documents the project using both Revit and AutoCAD. Revit is used to model the structure and to coordinate the structure with the Architect and other consultants.  Revit is used to create plans, elevation, sections etc., while AutoCAD is used to draw details.

Our structural solution was to use REDIWALL® Wall Panels to replace the concrete frame:

Enfield Apartments



Enfield Apartmens

* Autodesk Revit Drawings

KCL’s engagement also included providing structural steel drawings:

Enfield Apartments Revit



Enfield Apartments Tekla
Tekla Drawings

and precast shop drawings:

Enfield Apartments  Precast Shop Drawings


Enfield Apartments  Precast Shop Drawings

Tekla Drawings

Will keep you updated on the further progress of this quite exciting Enfield Apartments development project.

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