Attention Building Owners - Is Your Building Up to Earthquake Code?

New Legislation Starts April 1st – Get Your Free Seismic Consult NOW!

If you haven’t considered earthquake strengthening your commercial premises then now is the time to consult with New Zealand’s number one Seismic Engineering consultancy – KCL Engineering.

That’s because the new Health and Safety Act – Workplace Amendment comes into effect on April 1st 2016 and by law commercial premises that fall short of the standards could be in strife.

Many existing buildings are below the standards now required for new buildings and the Workplace Amendment Act means you will need to get them up to code.

The buildings concerned are not just those of brick masonry, which were already covered by legislation, but include particularly those built before 1976.

Initially, the new provisions are directed only at the worst of existing buildings. Buildings with less than one third of the strength of a new building would have at least 10 times the risk of serious damage or collapse when compared to a new building.

How we can help?

At KCL Engineering we are design specialists in seismic bracing of Building Components e.g. ceilings, air conditioning units, ducting, water pipes, CCTV and the like.

Regardless of whether you’re a building manager or a building owner, you need to take practicable steps to identify and manage any parts of buildings which could cause serious harm to occupants in the event of an earthquake. You need to take practicable steps to eliminate them. If that’s not possible, you need to isolate them from people and if that’s not practicable to minimise the hazard.

Our experienced team of Seismic Engineers at KCL are here to help building owners and employers analyse risks in respect of each building they own or occupy to determine what practicable steps can be taken to manage hazards.

As experts we will help you proactively identify and manage these types of workplace hazards on a regular and ongoing basis. Your Free Seismic Consult is waiting for you!

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